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Seeing open carriers transporting vehicles back and forth is nothing new. There are many car dealers that are using this method to move their cars safely. This is also the reason why many people see this kind of service as an automatic solution when it comes to their needs especially when it comes to moving their cars. This is the best cost efficient alternative that you can choose aside from driving your car yourself to a particular destination.

  1. Car Shipping Rates Not From A Broker

    If you are looking for an auto transport company for your car or vehicle, auto transport quotes play an important role in making the right choice. The quotation will give you significant details that will aid you in making most efficient choice regarding the top company to appoint.

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  2. Car Shipping And Il And Fl

    Car moving companies that have a valid license in the business of auto transporting will be required to have insurance for the cargo being transported as well as insurance liability coverage. It is always important to have knowledge of the insurance aspect of the car moving business. Your car may not be damaged in the moving process, but insurance is needed just incase something does happen.

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  3. How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car From Seattle To Los Angeles

    Open car shipping refers to open car carriers with the capacity to haul up to ten cars at one time. These large trailers are the industry standard with most people choosing this type of shipment due to the cost factor. Open car shipping may cost less than enclosed shipping, but is still safe and secure. Vehicles care loaded on and off the car carriers with caution and are transported safely to their destinations.

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Shipping A Car Cross Country By Train

Take photographs of the car from every angle prior to handing it over to the car shipping company. Do not settle for merely taking one or two long shots of the car. In fact, if you can see the entire car in the photograph, then it is not detailed enough. Rather, make sure that you take close-up shots of every single surface of the car which could be scratched, dinged or broken – which is to say, every single surface. Make sure that the photos you take are digital, because printed photographs do not carry the same digitally embedded signatures which helped to prove the date and place that the photos were taken. If, God forbid, your case ever ends up in civil court, the digital photos will go much further toward proving your case then printed copies will.

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Auto Transport Companies Based In California

Before shipping a person has to prepare the car. Some simple changes can help a person save money. If a person puts boxes in the car it adds to the overall weight. If the car is heavier then the standard ten tons most companies charge an additional fee for the extra weight. A person should leave around a quarter tank of gas in the car. This is done in case the shipper has to move the auto off the trailer for any reason. It will also be easier to unload the auto upon delivery.

There are many things that affect the price of the car shipping service. Many carriers would base their rates on the specifics of the vehicle that you have bought. In particular, it is the weight that the transport truck can legally carry vehicles. That is why they need to know the specifics of your car in order to know the contribution that it is going to make to the overall capacity of their trucks. The more the contribution is in weight or in size, the more it will cost on the part of the consumers.

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